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Green Policy

The park

Reducing carbon emissions is good for business. Willow Lakes has a responsibility to manage its impact on climate change. We are committed to work in ways that minimise carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. We will achieve this by monitoring energy usage. We acknowledge that the sustainable choices we make have a real impact on the environment and how much water, waste and energy the park consumes.

Our lodges

The holiday market is buoyant, making it an ideal time for operators to future-proof their parks with renewable energy, heat source pumps and other features to attract environmentally aware visitors. Our log cabins and cottages are already heated with biomass boilers and our new lodges are installed with low energy lighting, high levels of insulation and use low energy appliances.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Managing waste responsibly is our key focus. We aim to reduce the amount amount of waste the park creates in the first place, and reuse and recycle as much as possible throughout our business. This in turn will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste disposal costs.

Working in partnership with guests

Willow Lakes will ensure that guests enjoy their stay in the knowledge that we are managing and developing our business in harmony with the environment wherever we can. We will continue to embrace technological advances, particularly with our new development and invest in improvements to reduce waste and carbon emissions. Using low energy light sources, equipment and responsible waste disposal, this helps to promote our guests’ understanding of environmental issues. Guests at Willow Lakes already play their part to reduce our carbon emissions by choosing to take their holiday in the UK. Close proximity to cycle and walking routes mean that in addition to not travelling abroad, cycling and walking do not generate carbon emissions and these activities are great for improving health and well-being.